Are you a fan of vintage SF (film and TV) of the '30's through late '60's? Would you like to get together with other local fans to watch & discuss your favorites?

This was the age of damsels in distress, pocket-change special effects, and those fabulous rubber monster suits. At the same time, such writers as Robert Heinlein, C.L. Moore, and Theodore Sturgeon crafted mature and contemplative screenplays for television and theater audiences. Come watch the best and worst from this era!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015
7:00PM - 11:00PM (approx)

San Diego Vintage Sci-Fi, in cooperation with the San Diego Speculative Fiction Society, Inc. is thrilled to present this Special Event Presentation of:

Special Event:
— On the Big Screen —

STAR TREK CONTINUES where the original STAR TREK left off with three full-length episodes and three vignette shorts.

The most incredible and accurate STAR TREK Original Series fan-created series ever made! They capture the very essence of STAR TREK!

Continue the 5-year mission of Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise with three STAR TREK CONTINUES episodes on giant a 9-ft by 12-ft projection screen and incredible sound in a convention theater environment!

We will be screening:

"Turnabout Intruder"
5 minutes - vignette "Pilgrim of Eternity"
51 minutes - Episode 1
Apollo returns to wreak havoc on Kirk and the Enterprise in the first episode of the new series.

"You've Got the Con"
4 minutes - vignette

51 minutes - Episode 2
A survivor from a distressed Tellarite vessel pulls Captain Kirk and his crew into a moral quandary over her sovereignty.

"Happy Birthday, Scotty"
3 minutes - vignette

"Fairest of Them All"
41 minutes - Episode 3
In the Mirror Universe, Spock faces a choice that determines the future of the Terran Empire.


Garden Salon Two
Town and Country Resort & Convention Center – Mission Valley
500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108


NOTE Special Hotel parking rate is s$4.00, or
FREE Parking at the Mission Valley Transit Center and Fashion Valley Mall

Please RSVP to Gerry Williams (filmist "-at-"

THIS MONTH: May 16, 2015


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