Are you a fan of vintage SF (film and TV) of the '30's through late '60's? Would you like to get together with other local fans to watch & discuss your favorites?

This was the age of damsels in distress, pocket-change special effects, and those fabulous rubber monster suits. At the same time, such writers as Robert Heinlein, C.L. Moore, and Theodore Sturgeon crafted mature and contemplative screenplays for television and theater audiences. Come watch the best and worst from this era!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018
7:00PM - 11:00PM (approx)



(USA, 1967) 50 minutes

After a telephone lineman reports seeing something strange at a manufacturing plant, David Vincent, using an assumed name, gets a job with the plant's owner, George Vikor. Vikor hires David as chauffeur for his wife, who has been arrested twice for drunk driving. Soon, David manages to sneak into the company's security building, where he finds proof of alien activity.

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(USA, 1967) 50 minutes

At an army base in Utah, Major Rick Graves worries about an upcoming nuclear test. Graves's friend, Charles Spence, believes that a three-month-old crater, supposedly caused by a meteor, was in reality created by an alien spaceship. He also believes that Carl Wyeth, an engineer on the base, has met with the aliens. Spence has Graves call in David Vincent to investigate. Meanwhile, Graves voices his fears to his superior, General Beaumont. But Beaumont is colluding with the aliens, who have plans to explode an anti-matter bomb that will kill millions of people.

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(USA, 1967) 50 minutes

A private plane crashes, but the investigators can't find a record of the flight, nor can they find a body - even though it was a crash no one could have walked away from. What they do find is a cylinder made of some strange metal they can't identify. They have it sent to Sperrick Laboratories. It arrives, but not without incident. Someone tried to hijack the mail truck, and two security guards were killed. David Vincent arrives at Sperrick to investigate. He is certain that the aliens were behind the attempted hijacking and that what they wanted was that strange cylinder. He is also certain that they will try again. Vincent finds allies in a security guard and a woman scientist. But as always, he never knows which of his friends are real and which are enemies in disguise.

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(USA, 1967) 50 minutes

Bill and his new bride are so happy to be married, their antics cause Bill to lose control of the car. They run a truck off the road, and its driver staggers from the vehicle, falls, glows red and vanishes! Then the young couple suffocates - outside! It's all part of a scheme run by the alien Taugus, and it draws in David's brother Bob, Bob's wife Grace, and crusading newsman Theodore Booth. David has finally managed to convince both his brother and someone able to get the word out that he may be telling the truth about the alien invasion - but is it just in time to see the entire human population choking for air on their own planet?

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