Are you a fan of vintage SF (film and TV) of the '30's through late '60's? Would you like to get together with other local fans to watch & discuss your favorites?

This was the age of damsels in distress, pocket-change special effects, and those fabulous rubber monster suits. At the same time, such writers as Robert Heinlein, C.L. Moore, and Theodore Sturgeon crafted mature and contemplative screenplays for television and theater audiences. Come watch the best and worst from this era!

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Saturday, November 12, 2016
7:00PM - 11:00PM (approx)


aka: Baron Prásil
(Czechoslovakia, 1962) 83 minutes

An astronaut on the Moon finds the famous dreamer Baron M√ľnchhausen, who tells of his many adventures, from meeting the Man in the Moon to defeating a Turkish army all by himself. Munchausen takes the astronaut back to Earth and through a variety of exaggerated adventures.

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aka: Ukradená Vzducholod
(Italy/Czechoslovakia, 1967) 85 minutes

>Based on the Jules Verne novels, "Two Years" and "The Mysterious Island," it is the story of five boys who meet at the Prague Jubilee Exhibition in 1891, where they see a fantastic miracle - dirigible airship owned by the businessman (and trickster) Findejs. Findejs offers the boys a trip around Prague free of charge, but when paying guests appear, he tries to throw them out. He fails to evict them and the boys suddenly find themselves alone in the airship over the city. It proves to be anything but a dirigible, and they cannot control where it goes! First, they skim safely across Europe, but then they crash on an unknown island in the middle of the ocean. Here they enjoy a number of typical Jules Verne adventures until they are rescued by an expedition organized by a sympathetic journalist.

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aka: Na komete
(Czechoslovakia, 1970) 74 minutes

When a comet passes the earth very closely, it pulls a small part of North Africa with it. Carried along is a bunch of people. Among them Angelika, who just escaped from a ruthless weapon dealer's ship, and her two brothers, who are searching her. Then there's a group of natives, who plan a rebellion against the French colonists. All these conflicts become secondary when the people finally realize that they are doomed to live together on an alien planet. However this time of peace and world-happiness won't last for long...

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